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Children aren’t that curious anymore.

My work takes me to a number of schools and other educational institutions around the country. I find the children today to be much more informed, which is great. However, I noticed another trend here that the children, especially in the big cities, look increasingly indifferent or even bored.

I wondered about this for quite some time and tried to observe them closely and that's when I found another trend among the children, which explains the reason why they look so indifferent.

Children these days are loaded with information. They get it from school, parents, peers, books, magazines and the best of them all is Google. They are constantly being bombarded with questions and almost immediately with the answers. There is no space for curiosity, the joy of exploring, and discovering new things is lost in the information overload.

I remember,when we were growing up, getting to know simple things like how a hot air balloon rises up in the air or how a caterpillar transforms into a gorgeous butterfly gave us such big fulfillment and joy.

Curiosity fuels imagination which is an essential ingredient to make our lives more interesting and joyful. There are some schools and teachers who realize this and work towards helping the children retain their inherent curiosity. I really hope that others also take notice and make some effort in the interest of the children.

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27. Juli 2019

How teachers could do it? Explain! In music classes 10 years back kids were interested to know about musicians , awards , and history of any song . Now no matter how interesting story is , they have this look. We will know it because google knows it.

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