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Just Guilt-free 90 minutes?

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Don't just settle for 90 mins of guilt-free me-time? Demand something more than that from the activity centre where you send your child to learn.

"Music, dance, Karate classes are places where parents send their children to get guilt free me-time." I often get this insight from my enthusiastic venue partners who try to help me promote my drama programs. My question to them ( and now to you) is why settle for just 90 mins of guilt free me-time? Demand something more for your child.

Dance, music, drama or martial arts training given to a child should not be just of the sake of the subject or worse 'killing time outside home'. It should help the child to enhance her fundamental faculties and learn life skills that will help her to take on the real life challenges.

While any performing arts training, if given in the right spirit, can help the child to enhance her fundamental faculties. However, drama has an advantage because it includes almost all other performing art forms. While learning drama you get exposure to a wide variety of art forms and they all play a role in helping the child to learn the essential life skills she needs.

So, go ahead get your guilt-free 90 mins but remember to get more for your child.

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